java.lang.unsatisfiedlinkerror. where to add .so file in eclipse for android application

I have created .so file using android NDK. In class I added some native methods to call from c/c++ files. these native methods I am calling in my own methods for example like below,

    public native String print(String pM,int len);
    public native int openPrint();

The above native methods are calling in my method so that other android application developer can use as an API's.

public static void foo(){


Is this right way ?

For this reason I created one myprint.Jar file. it includes the file also.

I added above jar file in another application, It's importing the class from but whenever I tried to run the application its throwing an error saying that

  FATAL Exception,

How to solve the above problem?

Thanks in advance


The needs to be put in the libs folder, and then loaded using:


May be you have java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError because, the c function name didn’t match the fully qualified name of your java class.
i suggest to follow this link:


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