ical file issue

This issue is really frustrating me. I am developping a webapp that creates ical files for users.

The issue that I am facing, is whenever the ical event repeates weekly or daily or monthly, the start time shows up wrong in Lotus Notes. As you can see in the following file start time is 9:00 am, however in lotus notes (email client with calendar) this is showing completely wrong (as 5:00 am). I tried adding a timezone to the DTSTART and DTEND, but that doesn't fix things, but creates more problems. Is there something wrong perhaps in syntax; with the way I am generating the ical files? Also the endtime is showeing up correctly for some reason, only the start time is wrong.

PRODID:-//Test event//iCal4j 1.0//EN
SUMMARY:Test Meeting
LOCATION:test: at CR

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