Processing File Directories

I am writing a program which reads in files and then processes them. At the moment, I am using a BufferedReader to read in a list of files from a txt file. This txt file was generated in a command prompt from doing:

dir > filelist.txt

and then cropping down this to just the filenames.

I can incorporate this into my script by:

//pseudo code(needs further directory specification)
Runtime run = Runtime.getRuntime();//pseudo code(needs further directory specification)
Process process = run.exec("dir > filelist.txt");

This command gives the directory with files in the form:

dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm       (filesize) file

Once I have this file I can run a Regex to extract the filename.

Pattern file = Pattern.compile("(\d){2}/(\d){2}/(\d){4}\s(\d){2}(:)(\d){2}\s(\d+)\s(.+)\.txt");

for (String fileline : filelist) {
    Matcher matchfile = file.matcher(fileline);

Is there an easier way to get just the file names from a directory within Java SE? This seems a bit long winded.


Use list() method

File f = new File("d:\\MyFolder");
String[] fileNames = f.list();

You can further separate out the file and directories, using methods like



Assume i want to find out whether this File object is a file or a directory...

File f = new File("d:\\MyFolder");

if (f.isDirectory()) {

    System.out.println("Its a directory");

With Java 7 you have the nio.2 tools , more complete and useful with Paths and Files classes


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