Java Code - perform memory profiling remotely

I am running a Java code in a server (remotely) by using javac. Now, I want to perform memory profiling remotely because as YourKit say's,

Cannot start the profiler UI: display is not available on this machine.

Can anybody help me how can I do this easily.


I would recommend you to use JProfiler.You can get it from here and found many helpful tutorials.Here is JProfiler manual


If your server starts with YourKit profiler agent (according to the output) you just need to start YourKit profiler UI and connect it to the remote profiler agent. There is "Monitor Remote Applications" on profiler start screen

Here is the direct links to YourKit help:


This is exact what is happening in our pre-production env...

actually if you want to launch the YourkitUI on remote machine directly, the way I am currently doing it is using Xmanager->xshell You also need to install X-server as precondition. You will be able to run any kind of UI remotely, not only yourkit.

also make sure your yourkit launch conf like this


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