Integrating a java applet in a page

I am trying to integrate a processing applet in a jsp, with the following code added in the jsp:

<!--<applet code="Test1.class" archive="C:\Users\user\Desktop\MyApplet.jar" width="600" height="600">
</applet> --!>

I am using a tomcat server. The jar contains the Test1.class file. But whenever I run this page, I am getting an error in the webpage. On clicking for details, the message shown is

IllegalArgumentException: name![enter image description here][1]

Minimalist example:

  • code - The fully qualified class name (e.g. javax.swing.JApplet)
  • codebase - A . indicates 'the current directory' - where the HTML is loaded from. Although the current directory is the default, I like to make it explicit.
  • archive - Relative path(s) from codebase to archive(s). For simplicity, the archive is assumed to be the same place as the HTML.
  • width/height - Must be specified.

You have to use the "codebase" attribute to set the path. Consider to put it in the same folder (or in a child folder of the current one) instead of an absolute path.

<applet code="Test1" name="yourName" archive="MyApplet.jar" codebase="C:\Users\user\Desktop">
<applet code="package1.Test1" name="myApplet" archive="MyApplet.jar,core.jar" codebase="." width="600" height="600">

The above code got me the result.


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