How to make array of array objects in javascript and then pass it to java

To illustrate my point: I have Name Age and Address of 4 people

[Sam, 23, nj],
[Nome, 25, ny],
[Sim, 20, pa],
[Jack, 12, pa]

I need to send these 4 rows to the java side.

I am familiar with java side coding so I can retrieve 4 rows from a list etc etc. I am new to javascripts, so I was wondering how to put all this data into a variable and then send it to java, so that java understands i am sending 4 sets of data.

I wanted to do hashmap of objects, either way as I am a newbie i don't know which road to take.pls advice.

I know how to post data through ajax, only part i am struggling with is creating the arrAY so my java side can parse it.


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