servicios de integración de datos entre el sistema java y el servidor sql

Actualmente estoy diseñando algunos servicios de integración para una aplicación web. Las aplicaciones externas de Java producen una fuente de datos que proporciona datos, los datos se masajean según sea necesario y luego se ingresan en una base de datos del servidor SQL. Los datos se gestionan aquí y se utilizan como base para los servicios de descanso wcf y http a los que se accede mediante aplicaciones web, dispositivos móviles, etc.

This is the current setup. I am at present changing this modifying this as we have some issues with the integration of the java system and sql server database. The main issue we have is the standard of the data required, it can be missing fields etc. The current integration is a comma separated file placed on an ftp server, the file picked up, the file processed, data massaged and data inserted in to the sql server. Where we are currently getting "burned" is that data is inserted in to the sql server database and the quality of the data is not up to the necessary standard and/or quality.

So this process is being changed and looking for options as to both modernize this and make the integration services more robust.

So I am looking for both suggestions and recommendations to improve the above?

Some options that spring to mind are:

  • Expose a wcf service that the java system calls, data gets passed to it via the SOAP protocol, data then validated in the service before inserting in to sql server
  • Format of the data supplied moves from common separated file to an xml file and the xml file gets validated against a schema before the data is massaged

Any other suggestions?


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