How can I read facts outside of the KieSession that were inserted inside of the KieSession­ (e.g. rules results)?

During my rules execution, I will be "inserting" new fact object in memory that I will need to read when the rules are done firing. How can I read those facts when outside the Rules Session?

I have tried to insert the fact with an outIdentifier, from outside the session (i.e. before the "fireAllRules()" method). However, because I may not know how many AccountingPeriod fact may get inserted during the rule session, or even if it will get inserted, this method does not seem suitable.

Accounting Period Fact:

package sample.package;

public class AccountingPeriod {

    private LocalDate accountingDate;
    private int personKey;

    public AccountingPeriod(LocalDate accountingDate, int personKey) {
        this.accountingDate = accountingDate;
        this.personKey = personKey;

    public LocalDate getAccountingDate() { return accountingDate; }
    public LocalDate getPersonKey() { return personKey; }

Execution Code :

public static void main(String args[]) {
    StatelessKieSession ksession = [initialized KieSession]

    [Code here to get the AccountingPeriod fact inserted in the rule session]


    when [some condition]
        insert (new AccountingPeriod(LocalDate.of(year, month, day), 100));

I just found a way to get the facts from a stateless KieSession.

public static void main(String args[]) {
    StatelessKieSession ksession = [initialized KieSession]
    List<Command> cmds = new ArrayList<>();

    cmds.add([all required commands]);
    ExecutionResults rulesResults = kSession.execute(CommandFactory.newBatchExecution(cmds));
    Collection<Object> results = (Collection<Object>) rulesResults.getValue("facts");

It turns out that by linking a command to an OutIdentifier ("facts", in this case) we can get its return value by using the getValue(outIdentifier) of the KieSession results.


I see several options.

1) Insert one more object to session from the very beginning and use it as result container.

Person person = new Person();
List result = new ArrayList();

rule "Check person age"
        $person : Person( age > 16 );
        $result : List ( );
        insert(new IsCoder( $person ) );

2) Instead of using StatelessKieSession you can use just KieSession. KieSession has getObjects method where you can find all objects inserted and iterate through them.


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